That is all up to you.  If you do nothing after registration, you will receive the box of your choice every week!  Don't want a box every week?  That is fine, simply log into your account and set your preferences to Bi-Weekly, or place a vacation hold.
Yes!  Well almost, we deliver all year with a short break in December.  Just 2 weeks off, then we are back on track.  Don't worry we will send you a reminder that we are on break.
Begin the registration process and our system will alert you if your address is outside of our delivery zone before you complete the process.  We currently deliver to the greater Richmond area, Chesterfield, Mechanicsville, Fredericksburg, Lady Smith, Williamsburg, and Stafford. We will begin delivering to the Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk areas in the Summer and Fall of 2017.

Still not sure?  Give us a call at 804.420.8240 and we will be happy to help!
You do not need to be home. We will leave your box out for you in the location of your choice, and when you sign up please give us specific delivery notes so we know exactly where you would like us to leave your box. Our helpful delivery drivers would be happy to transfer your items to a cooler if you would like to leave one out; and soon we will offer a Dominion Harvest cooler for a one time fee that will perfectly fit all your delicious perishable items!

**Please note that if you order milk products, you understand we will leave your products. It is up to you to get these refrigerated before they warm up, we can not guarantee them after they leave our trucks.**
Absolutely! We would be happy to delivery to businesses within our delivery area. If you need a “latest possible” delivery time, please enter this information in the delivery notes box.
We want you to have your order!

Please call us as soon as you notice at 804.420.8240 . We will send your order as soon as possible.
Ideally, we would like for you to be home to receive meat and dairy.  However, we understand you can not always be available. We deliver these items cooled to the appropriate temperature.  It's best to they be transfered to a cooler, please leave one out for our delivery driver to relocate your products.  (Coming soon we will have Dominion Harvest coolers available for purchase for a one time fee).

When you order perishable items you are agreeing to the following:

"I understand that if I choose to order meat or dairy items I am assuming the risk if I am not home to receive the delivery. I understand that the items are delivered with frozen water bottles and some insulation but that these items are not meant to be left long. I assume all risk once the order is left at my door."

As of May 2017, we deliver Tuesday through Friday. Your delivery day is dependent upon your location. When you sign up for our services you will be assigned a delivery day. We deliver between the hours of 11am to 7pm.

Our current schedule is as follows:
Henrico on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Charlottesville on Wednesday.
Stafford on Wednesday.
Fredericksburg on Wednesday.
Chesterfield on Thursday.
Williamsburg on Friday.
Richmond on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (Daily deliveries for the greater Richmond area with begin Summer/Fall 2017) 

Coming soon...

Hampton on Wednesday (Starting Summer 2017).
Newport News on Wednesday (Starting Summer 2017)
Yorktown on Wednesday (Starting Summer 2017)
Poquoson on Wednesday (Starting Summer 2017)
Virginia Beach on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017)
Chesapeake on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017)
Norfolk on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017)
Portsmouth on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017)
Suffolk on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017) 
Smithfield on Wednesday (Starting Summer/Fall 2017)
Upon delivery your items will be packed in a box with biodegradable liner and frozen water bottles, if you order meat it will arrive in an insulated pouch.
***Note: If you order dairy items, such as milk and cheese, please leave a cooler with ice and we would be happy to relocate the contents of your box in order to preserve the freshness of your items.



While some of our farms are certified organic, many of our farms are a small too small to afford the expensive organic certification process, making them non-certified organic.  All of our farms are pesticide free, non-GMO, and have all natural farming practices. We track the identity of each product we deliver and you will always know which farm produced your food. You can contact us or use our Grower's Page (**coming soon**) to get more information. 
The vast majority of our products come from sustainable farms within a 150-mile radius of the areas we service. We notate the origin of each item we deliver, which means that at any given time we can tell you exactly where that item came from. The website also shows the partner from which your item originated. Additionally, if that farm or business has a Facebook page or website we provide the link to you. We offer 100% transparency in regards to every item in each box. You will always know where your food is coming from.
From time to time we source products from outside our 150-mile radius. This occurs when we are unable to locate items of a similar quality, freshness or quantity locally. One example is the citrus items we source from Florida. These farmers provide excellent quality items that we are unable to get in Virginia. As always when an item is sourced from a location outside our area we are transparent and provide you with the information up front. You always have the option to exclude such items from you order if you choose.
As a company, we are committed to developing and maintaining relationships with small family owned Virginia farms. We are equally committed to the preservation of the land by supporting sustainable and environmentally sensitive farmers. All of our partners have been fully vetted and we stand behind the produce and goods they provide.

Every once in a while we will go outside the state of Virginia, however this is with careful consideration.  Trickling Springs Creamery meets our standards in how they treat the land, their animals, and processing practices.  While they do process their dairy in Chambersburg PA, many of the farms they source from are right in our backyard in the Shenandoah Valley.  While we can not guarantee your cheese is from those happy cows, we know some of these farms and love their practices.  Chambersburg is closer as the crow flies than some of our Virginia contingents.  So as we look local we are looking not only at VA but also how far your items have to travel.  However, we are all about choices, so you if you would like a Virginia cheese we still offer cheese from Mountain View farm in VA.
Don't let a bad apple spoil the bunch. Seriously, produce is produce. It can look good when we pick it and several hours later look completely different. We do our best to check each item before it goes into your box. However, we also know that not all produce plays well together. Tomatoes, apples, and potatoes are infamous for this. Have you ever heard not to store your potatoes next to your tomatoes? There is a reason! Gases released from one produce item can speed up the ripening process of another. Now if you need that tomato to ripen quicker, by all means, let them "play together"! Otherwise, it would be best to separate these items when unpacking your box.
Since items can sometimes interact on the way to you, we offer replacements. If this happens, please contact us at support@dominionharvest.com or call 804.420.8240. We will be more than happy to replace the item on your next delivery. In the event you need a credit for the item, a credit will be issued to your account so you can buy a replacement item in our market.


How it Works

It's simple, just log into your account and set your preferences to never receive eggplant.  If we have eggplant that week, we will send you something else of our choosing.  If you want make your own replacement selection just log in that week and remove the eggplant and choose something else for you box.
Please recycle or reuse your empty box.  Our boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard.  The biodegradable liner can be thrown out or reused as well.  Thank you for helping us help the environment!
While it is perfectly acceptable to reuse boxes, at Dominion Harvest we do not and our primary reason is for food safety.  We also want to be sensitive to our members with allergies since we can not guarantee that a re-used box has not come in contact with an item to which they may be allergic.
Just one week!  If you are not satisfied after your first delivery, feel free to cancel service at any time.

Please remember that you are subscribing to a service and will automatically receive an order if you do not skip, cancel or set up your preferences.  

We have NO membership fees and NO long term commitment. 

Give us a try!
The cost of delivery is included in the box price.  We do not want to raise our add-on prices to account for delivery.  We want to give you competitive prices on our add-on items and therefore we require a box purchase.
No, all delivery fees are included in the base price of the box.

After you choose your box and customize it.  Head over to the market to shop and add anything you would like.  You can choose if you want this item just one time, every week (based on availability), every other week, or monthly.  If the item you choose does not reflect these choices that means it has limited availability.  

Choose eggs "just this once", or choose it "every other week" and will add them to your order.  

After you have your order finished, make sure to click "save".  You will have until the ordering window closes to edit your order.  Orders are closed and billed 2 days before your delivery.
Just log into your account and remove your current box type, then simply select the new box type you would like to try and how often you would like to receive it.
We would love for you to share your love of Dominion Harvest with a friend or family member.

Simply click the "Buy a Gift Certificate" link at the top of our page: 

  • fill out the form
  • add your payment method 
We will take care of the rest!

Thanks for sharing!
The Dogwood box is a base produce box that includes 5 produce items.  A default selection for the items is added to the menu each week but there are also several other produce items to choose from that can be swapped in to customize the base box.

The Dogwood Box also requires an add on order of $20 or more in addition to the base box.  The total of the order must be a minimum of $39.  If the add on order is not placed by the cut off time the box will automatically be upgraded to the Cardinal Box and the customer will be charged $20 for the box upgrade.
We believe our partners deserve all the credit for the amazing products we are able to offer you. Sustainable farming comes at a price and this can result in products costing a little more. While it is true that your local grocer may provide similar items at a lower cost, we believe our quality and freshness far outweighs the minimal price difference.
Your local farmer's market is a better price comparison for our products. Think of us as your local farmer's market online and delivered to your doorstep. We are able to offer you the same freshness and quality with the convenience of home delivery.
We try to be as competitive in our pricing as possible, but we are always open to new information. Feel free to compare the price of our boxes with a comparable box of goods from your local farmer's market and email us with your findings!

The Commonwealth Box (10 produce items) is a great place to start if you are new to Dominion Harvest and perfect for a couple or small family to receive each week.  This box is also perfect for a single person to receive every other week and a great selection for our vegan customers!

The Cardinal Box (7 produce items, eggs and cheese) is great for a single person or couples on the go.

The Governor’s Box (10 produce items, eggs, cheese and bread) is great for families.

The Jefferson Box (10 produce items, eggs, cheese, bread and meat) offers the complete diet from local sustainable farms.

The Dogwood
(5 produce items)  This is a great starter box, then go to our market and add on what you like (must have a minimum order of $20)

The choice is yours! You can change your order at any time prior to the close of your market.

No problem! Simply log into your account and set your vacation schedule. Your normal deliveries will automatically resume when you get back from your trip.

**Vacation requests must be set before your market closes for that week. (Market close varies by area, please refer to your account for your specific close date each week.**



We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

**New** May 2017:  We also accept electronic Checks!
If your credit card is declined, you will be notified via email with instructions, we will continue to retry your card.  If the issue with your payment contiues your service will be suspended until the issue is resolved.

Still, want your order?  Call us @ 804.420.8240 to make payment arrangements or ask us to retry your card. 
Unfortunately, due to security reasons, the credit card companies will not tell us.  If you think the decline is in error, please contact your bank. If you would like us to retry your card before you contact the bank, please call our support line at 804.420.8240.
Our website uses secure server software (SSL).  When you provide your information, it goes directly to a credit card processor, we do not have direct access nor do we store any of your credit card information. 
Your card is charged once the market for your delivery area has closed. If you are a daily delivery customer you will be billed the morning of your delivery.

**Market close time varies by area, please refer to your account for your specific close date each week. Typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday deliveries are billed on Monday and Friday deliveries are billed on Wednesday. This is subject to change at any time so please check your account for updated information on your market close date and time.**


Benefits of using Dominion Harvest

Tired of waiting in line at the grocery story or farmer's market? Tired of fighting crowds? Too tired to grocery shop after work? Let us do the work for you. At Dominion Harvest, we provide a wide selection of products to meet your family's needs. We eliminate trips to the farmer's market and grocery store and delivery fresh food to your doorstep. Try our produce, meat, dairy, eggs, baked goods and other artisan fare. We offer a convenience that not only supports you, but also our partners and the community.
Try us today!
Fresh fruits and vegetables offer numerous health benefits. Did you know that the time your produce is harvested matters? When fruits and vegetables are harvested at the peak of ripeness, they retain more of their nutrients and flavor. Items picked in this time frame not only taste better but provide more health benefits!
Most grocery store produce is picked before it is ripe since it has to travel to different stores. At Dominion Harvest we ensure that you get the freshest and most nutritious produce available. Most of our produce is picked the day before delivery and some items are even picked the morning of delivery; ensuring maximum freshness.
Connect with your growers and artisans. Dominion Harvest believes in supporting local sustainable agriculture. We connect you with farmers, growers, and artisans in our local area. We look for partners who treat the land, and its resources with the same respect that we do. Each week we will provide you with the information of which company has supplied your box contents. While we know that you cannot visit all the locations in person, we make every effort help you get to know our suppliers. We know them and their products and stand by what we sell. Our motto: If we would not want to see it at in our home, we will not send it to yours.



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