Hot Amerikrainer Sausage - $10.00

This is a truly original sausage that burst forth from Chris’s fevered imagination. Pork and beef with sharp cheddar cheese, and pickled cherry peppers. Spicy, cheesy, sour, and beefy. It’s the Dolph Lundgren of sausages; it doesn’t screw around, it barely even speaks. About 4 links to the pound.

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Lover’s Retreat
Lover’s Retreat

Lovers Retreat Farm and licensed Grade A Dairy are located on the historic Middle Peninsula of eastern Virginia.  Started as a homestead in 1984, the farm has evolved to include a dairy facility - and scattered across the pastures roam Nubian goats nibbling on grass free of pesticides and herbicides. 

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Sign up for Spring!

Spring is finally on its way here, and we are beginning our spring sign up drive.  We have plenty in store for the spring/summer session.  All of the best items from our local Virginia farms, along with more options for your family.

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